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Objective of God’s Wisdom September 30, 2007

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No knowledge is purposeless. All knowledge that man acquires has some objective. For example, the knowledge of physics and chemistry aims at exploring matter for greater comforts of mankind. The knowledge of mathematics is required for numerous applications in man’s life. The knowledge of medicines and surgery is required for gaining relief from diseases and ailments. The knowledge of history helps in understanding past events to monitor the future course of action. The knowledge of astronomy and space helps in understanding the mysteries of universe for studying their effect on the life on earth. The knowledge of music, dance and other performing arts is meant for pleasure and for change of mind from otherwise dreary life. The knowledge of Pranayam, Yog asanas and numerous physical exercises is required for keeping the body healthy.

Likewise there are thousands of other knowledge in the world and all these aim at serving some purpose for the human kind. All these knowledge together constitute worldly knowledge and their objective is to help the human beings in living a good, comfortable life in the world.

New worldly knowledge have been constantly coming into the world through different human beings. Once a new knowledge comes its benefits are derived by the entire world. Before the knowledge of filament bulb came through Thomas Edison in 1829, the only source of light in the world besides sun was fire. It took a bunch of candles or torches to fully light up a good sized room and the oil lumps, while fairly effective, tended to leave a residue of soot on anything in their vicinity. But now the filament bulb and subsequent inventions like Halogen tube, CFL Bulb and host of other light bulbs illuminate the world. Similar is the case with every other knowledge that came to the world. Once a new knowledge comes to the fore, it increases with time and serves the humanity.

Whereas worldly knowledge come into the world through different human beings the self-knowledge or knowledge of God comes through the Prophets of God. This knowledge then becomes the Holy Scriptures and these are revered by the people as the words of God. This knowledge is said to be written in the ancient Hindu Scriptures, called Upanishads and in other scriptures such an Old Testament. These scriptures contain the revelations that were made to the sages, saints, prophets and their descendents.

Lord Krishna gave the Self-knowledge/Knowledge of God to Arjun before commencement of the Righteous battle of Mahabharta 5000 years ago. His teachings are written in the Bhagavad Gita a Holy Scripture of India. Jesus Christ gave this knowledge to His twelve disciples 2000 years ago and the same is written in the New Testament. Guru Nanak Dev also gave this knowledge to his two disciples and it is written in Guru Granth Sahib. Similarly, when Prophet Mohammad gave this knowledge it became the Holy Quran.

All the Holy Scriptures contain the knowledge of God that was revealed to the world by the Prophets of God that is the creator and controller of the universe. Since all the Prophets were messengers of One God they ought to have given the same knowledge of God to the world. However, mankind fails to look at the knowledge in these scriptures as same and has divided itself into different faiths. Reason for this is that mankind has so far failed to understand the words of God written in the Holy Scriptures and do not know the true meaning and essence of the knowledge of God. That is why the world does not know God despite the fact that these scriptures which contain the knowledge of God have been read for thousand of years. When the understanding of these scriptures becomes available the world will know God and it will be found that the same knowledge of God has been written in all the scriptures.

Before we delve in to the knowledge of God to find out who God is, let us deal with the purpose and objective of this knowledge. Was the knowledge of God meant to improve the life of human beings just like different kinds of worldly knowledge? Does the knowledge of God gives temporary relief and comfort and needs to be replaced by some better knowledge? Can the knowledge of God remove the human suffering and give peace and happiness to all beings? Does the knowledge of God divides the mankind, like worldly knowledge or does it remove the divide and bring oneness? Is there any difference between the followers of the knowledge of God and others or they both remain the same?

Answer to these questions will be very easy to give after one knows the purpose and objective of the knowledge of God. Knowledge of God is meant to give a supreme state to man that cannot be attained by any worldly knowledge. The worldly knowledge cannot do the following for mankind:

a) Worldly knowledge cannot free man from worries and stress completely so that man lives in eternal peace and happiness.

b) Worldly knowledge cannot cure the diseases of mankind whereby every person becomes completely disease less.

c) Worldly knowledge cannot fulfill man’s desires and remove the human suffering completely.

d) Worldly knowledge cannot free man from ageing and thereby solve his old age problems.

e) Worldly knowledge cannot free man from death and give him eternal life.

f) Worldly knowledge cannot unite mankind such that all human beings live in harmony and oneness without enmity and hate.

Whereas worldly knowledge cannot do any of these things the knowledge and wisdom of God in meant to serve only these objectives of mankind. The purpose and objective of the knowledge and wisdom given by the Prophets is to free mankind from sorrow, diseases, ageing and death and unite mankind so that the human beings attain eternal life and live on Earth in peace, harmony and oneness. This has not been achieved so far since as stated earlier mankind has not understood the words and wisdom of God.

The Prophets had revealed the purpose and objective of their knowledge and the same is lying written in the scriptures. In the Bhagavat Gita, Lord Krishna says that the being who is not disturbed by the sense contacts; who is same in joy and sorrow; and who is of steady intellect, he is fit for immortality. People think that Lord Krishna had said about the soul becoming immortal and immortality has to be attained by the soul after death. But this is not true. Lord Krishna has said it clearly that the soul or dweller in the body is eternal and indestructible and it is not killed when the body is killed. If this is true then who has to become immortal? The eternal and indestructible soul or the mortal and destructible body? Obviously the latter since it is mortal that has to become immortal.

The mortal being (physical form) can become immortal provided he is the same in joy and sorrow and becomes sthitpragya or one of steady intellect. The Gita says that the beings die due to the loss of intellect that takes place when they contemplate the objects while performing actions. A person who performs actions without eye on the objects or fruits of actions becomes the same in success and failure and his intellect is not lost. He becomes a not-perishable being and dwells in same body instead of changing the bodies in constant births.

Giving the self knowledge of the beings in the Gita, Lord Krishna says that all beings are eternal beings that neither die nor cease to be but only keep changing the bodies. The birth of the beings in various good and evil wombs/states is caused by their attachment with the three attributes of nature, namely purity, passion and delusion. Lord Krishna says, clearly, that the beings who crosses over these three attributes and attains the Bhava or Consciousness of God is completely freed from sorrow, old age, death and rebirth and attains immortality. A person who is attached with any one of the three attributes of purity, passion and delusion cannot escape death and rebirth. The kind of his next birth is determined by the attribute – purity, passion or delusion – predominating at the time of his death. As against this the person who, following the wisdom of God, transcends these three attributes, he will not only be freed from sorrow but he will also be freed from old age and death and will attain immortality. The freedom from sorrow (worries, diseases, nonfulfilment), old age and death can be obtained by the beings only by understanding the words of God and following the path of wisdom laid down by Him.

In Guru Granth Sahib, Guru Nanak Dev says that the name of God is the medicine of all diseases. He also says that Brahm Gyani (knower of God) lives forever and never dies. He again says that he who has God in his heart neither dies nor is he deceived by maya- the worldly knowledge of delusion.

The difference between a Brahm Gyani or one who has the knowledge of God and those who do not know God is that whereas the Brahm Gyani never dies and lives forever, the other beings are subject to death and birth. The Brahm Gyani will naturally be freed from sorrow, diseases and old age so as to live No person has escaped death shows that no one is Brahm Gyani or no one knows God.

According to Guru Nanak Dev, the name of God is the medicine of all diseases. If this is true, the world does not know the name of God. If the people knew the name of God it would be possible to cure the diseases by His name. People of different faiths remember God by numerous names but this remembrance does not cure their diseases. Those who take the name(s) of God and those who do not take any name both are suffering from same diseases. It means that the name(s) of God remembered by the devotees are not the names of God.

God is an all-pervading power that created the matter and universe and is sustaining the same for billions of years. The names of God that are uttered by the devotees, such as Brahma, Rama, Krishna, Vahe Guru, Jehova, etc. are only pointers towards God. These are not His names. No one has been able to free him from diseases by these names. The name of God that is the medicine of all diseases and that frees one from old age and death is the knowledge and wisdom of God. When a person understands and accepts the knowledge and wisdom of God to be true, he will be said to have taken the name of God. God resides in the hearts of the beings in the form of the knowledge and wisdom of God as given by the Prophets. This knowledge and wisdom resides in the heart of the person who believes it and follows it.

This knowledge and wisdom acts as medicine. It frees the person from all worries and stress, cures his diseases and gives him eternal life.

Jesus Christ also gave the same knowledge to his disciples. He says in the Bible that the person who hears his word and believes God, shall have everlasting life. He shall not come into condemnation but will be passed from death unto life. At another place in the Bible, he says that if a man keeps His saying, he shall never see death. He re-affirms this at another place by saying that whosoever lives and believes in Him shall never see death. He also says that the last enemy that shall be destroyed is death.

Death is the greatest enemy of mankind. This enemy in the form of death can be defeated by the knowledge and wisdom that came from God and is written in the Holy Scriptures. Man’s failure to defeat death shows that he has not been able to understand and believe the words of God. Man does not believe God otherwise it would be possible to become free from death and live forever by believing God and by keeping His sayings. All the people say that death is imperative and that every person has to die whether he believes or does not believe God. Not only this the people neither believe in whatever has been said by the Prophets nor do they follow their commandments. In the next chapter we will go in to the words of God that are lying written in the scriptures for thousand of years but are neither believed to be true nor followed by the world. But suffice it to say here that the entire mankind is subject to sorrow, old age and death only due to disbelief in and disobeying of the words of God. When the words of God are understood, believed and followed by man, he will be freed from stress, diseases and ageing and his life span will increase. When the knowledge and wisdom of God is fully understood and adopted by man his last enemy in the form of death will be defeated and he will then live forever in absolute peace and happiness.